Sales Channels Management Strategy
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Sales Channels Management Strategy

Conflicts between sales and marketing teams is highly common, resulting from unqualified leads or participation in unsuitable events such as roadshows, promotional stands, exhibitions, etc.

The success of our business lies in our ability to align the two teams, enabling them to work together and understand the unique characteristic of every channel.

Our scope covers the following, across direct and indirect channels:

  • Leads Scoring through designated systems that can be customised by property and interaction; if any lead visits your website or opens an email, the score gets updated. This will help sales teams focus on ‘hot lead’ priorities while management monitors in depth
  • Leads Management Strategy, including utilisation of existing potential leads, for future events such as new project launches
  • Sales Conservation Strategy: reviving deals that did not go through, despite booking fees being paid by the customer
  • Telesales Management Strategy
  • Promotional Stands Management Strategy
  • Sales team activity guidelines & performance measurement
  • Real estate brokers segmentation, segment proposition, performance and exit strategy for non-performing agents

Copyright by All rights reserved.

Copyright by All rights reserved.